What is a Kiger Mustang?

     The Kiger Mustang was established in the late 1970’s by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to honor the history of the wild horses with Spanish influence that are prevalent in South East Oregon. The two areas were set aside for these special horses…the Kiger HMA (Herd Management Area) and the Riddle HMA. The original horses added to those HMA’s came from Riddle – six mares and 1 stud released back onto Riddle after clearing of other horses. 27 horses from Beatty's Butte were released onto what is now known as the Kiger HMA. 


The horses were chosen and managed for Spanish traits (link photo 96RiddleObjectives22) and primitive color, such as dun, grullo and red dun. Over the years to come, the BLM would round up the Kigers off the HMA’s, chose what they considered to be the best representation of the breed to release back onto the HMA’s – and adopt the rest to the public. 

The popularity of the Kigers quickly spread and each adoption has found homes for 100% of horses offered. There was such a demand, that private breeders sprang up over the US and registries for these horses also formed. Kigers have become very popular oversease in many other countries. Horses are often shipped for both personal enjoyment and the establishment of breeding programs in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand. 

Aside from the horses holding the Spanish type and primitive coloring that makes them so desirable; Kigers are known to be very trainable and versatile. Kigers have captivated owners and admirers from all diciplines, not to mention being the inspiration for many types of artistry.

Kigers are truly unique and one of Americas special treasures. 

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