About Us

Welcome to Kiger Quest! Our goal is to provide an informational platform to share our passion for the breed. For newcomers as well as experienced Kiger Mustang lovers, it’s a welcoming place to read a blog post, chat in the forums, and of course share pictures of your beloved Kigers!


The site was started by four Kiger enthusiasts who are excited to share their love for the breed with fellow horse lovers. Our inspiration came from our own personal story of how the breed brought us together through shared ideas, insights, and support that helped us along the way in our separate spheres of raising and training horses. Kiger Quest is meant to extend this experience to other enthusiasts on their journey. We encourage you to collaborate, ask questions and get involved to build a great breed resource and learning environment for the Kiger community.

Kaitlin Knox and Kiger Mutang Stallion
Emily Boyle at Rancho Bayo
Sarah Butterworth and Kiger Mustang Stallion
Jake Hashgan and Kiger Colt